1.     What to do when system show you a message such as ”Evaluation Version” or “Please call        your  nearest TBS Dealer  for Support” or you find that the transaction show in gray color         and you cannot click on it?

Causes:     Your temporary license is expired

Solution:     Call your dealer WG Office Supplies & Services to get the valid life                       license

2.    What to do when your trial balance and financial statement not tally?

Causes:   Computer hanging or power failure during the halfway posting trial                     balance or   posting to the wrong account.

Solution:   Run the “Re-Update Utility” module. This Re-post module will repost all                your transactions to the trial balance to make sure they are proper                     and correct.

         If any invalid transaction found while updating, please print out the list               of invalid transaction and pass to your supervisor or support person                   (WG Office Supplies & Services) to allocate errors.

3.     What to do when encounter abnormal error or program error message for e.g. “Invalid seek        function” or “BCK_tbk not found…”

Causes:   Power fail or improper shut down of the system

Solution: Exit all transactions in main or workstation PC and start to run the “Re               -index”  module. This Re-index module will regenerate the index key to               make sure all the transaction file is arrange in order and complete.

If encounter any error message while indexing please contact to your support person or TBS for supporting.

4.     What to do when system run very slow especially when backup the system file?

Causes:   Your transaction is very huge and your hard disk space is very limited.

Solution:   Ask your MIS person to increase the PC hard disk’s space and also                     speed up the processor or Contact your nearest support (WG Office                   Supplies & Services) to perform maintenance routine

5.   What to do when the shortcut toolbar missing?

Causes:   You might be accidentally unselect the shortcut toolbar

Solution:   Select back the “Shortcut Toolbar” in Utilities module.

6.   What happen if my Stock Quantity Balance does not give me the exact figure?

Solution:   Make sure all the transaction posted correctly (the qty), and please run                  Utilities – Repost Stock for the system to recalculate the entire stock                     figure.

7.     What happen if I encounter message like “Index keys not found” in TBS system?

Causes:     Power fail or improper shut down of the system

Solution: Simple. Just go to Utilities module on the menu bar and run Re-index,                      system will regenerate the new index keys for you. As soon as the                         process done, TBS system will be ready to be used again.

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